Futari Wagyu

Chuck Tender - slow cook

Chilled or Frozen:
Marble Score:

In Wagyu carcases, the high level of marbling present lifts the eating quality of a typical chuck tender considerably. It is traditionally used in stews or slow cooked preparations, but cut thin from a Wagyu carcase, it can be grilled or cooked in Japanese yakiniku style. Thin slicing is widely used in Asian markets to lift tenderness.

  • Refrigerated delivery
  • All Futari Wagyu is 100% Fullblood Wagyu and bred on the south coast of Western Australia.
  • Grain fed for 650 days
  • This product ships in vacuum sealed packaging. If frozen we recommend defrosting in your fridge before consuming.

Prices per kg

 Marble Score Price/kg Marble Score Price/kg
Gold 4-5 $21/kg
Gold 4-5
Platinum 6-7


Platinum 6-7
Signature 8-9 $23/kg
Signature 8-9
Luxury A5 9+ $25/kg
Luxury A5 9+

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