Futari Wagyu

Flap Meat - bbq cut

Chilled or Frozen:
Marble Score:

While it is not the most appealing looking piece of meat in its raw form, flap meat from Wagyu is extremely soft and tender, and has applications in grilling and barbecue. 

Prices per kg

For delivered chilled products please consume within 3-5 days from delivery.

For delivered frozen products please consume within 3 weeks. We recommended defrosting smaller cuts for 12-24 hours and larger cuts for 3-5 days in a refrigerator.

To ensure the food safety and hygiene of meat products it is not advisable to leave meat out at room temperature for more than 2 hours.  

Futari Wagyu’s meat safety systems ensure lifetime traceability of livestock, quality assurance, no use of hormone growth promotant, responsible chemical and antimicrobial use, and the safety and hygiene of our red meat products. 

These systems include strict and consistent auditing and quality assurance programs. 

 Marble Score Price/kg Marble Score Price/kg
Gold 4-5 $38/kg
Gold 4-5
Platinum 6-7


Platinum 6-7
Signature 8-9 $54/kg
Signature 8-9
Luxury A5 9+ $61/kg
Luxury A5 9+

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