Reverse Sear Cooking


Ground Black Pepper

Sea Salt

Futari Wagyu Cuts Recommended: Tomahawk, OP Ribs, T-bone steak

  • Spread Ground Rock Salt and Ground Pepper over the whole cut.
  • Liberally sprinkle your desired Meat Rub and place onto a raised cooling rack within your baking dish.

 After an hour’s resting period at room temperature:

  • Preheat either your BBQ or a pan on the stove, ensure BBQ is clean from previous oils and residue.
  • Sear meat for approximately 1 minute per side on all sides.
  • Ensure oven is preheated to 100 degrees celsius. 
  • Place meat back on the raised cooling rack in your baking dish.
  • Record time and leave for approx. 45 minutes, looking for an internal temperature of 56 degrees celsius. 
  • After 45 miniutes, take meat out of oven, cut and check the centre.
  • It should be red in the centre, with greying edges to a quarter of the way.
  • Cook both sides on the open BBQ Flame for 2 – 3 minutes looking for a charcoaled finish.
  • Be aware that this final cooking process can either flame up or overcook the meat if not handled correctly.

Bon Appetit !